Frequently asked questions:

Can I order products online?

Yes for sure ! you can order product on our webshop : The Seadermshop

SEADERM products are they men-friendly?

Of course! even if men’s and women’s skin are different, the benefactions of seaweeds are the same.

What are benefactions of seaweeds?

Please visit the website for more informations.

Can I use the SEADERM Body Range if my skin is dry and atopic?

You can use several of our ranges. The Body range (the green one) is an excellent complement to the Dermatological range (the orange one).

Do SEADERM products have biological origins?

Even if SEADERM use seaweeds, plants and phytomarins assets, the brand doesn’t have a biological label (BIO).

What about allergies?

The range is dermatologically formulated and tested, hypoallergic and under clinical controls studies to guarantee a high cutaneous tolerance. However, if your skin is very Sensitive and / or atopic, we advise you to use rather the DERMATOLOGICAL RANGE which does not contain either perfume or colouring.

How to apply to join the SEADERM’s Team ?

If you want to know the career possibilities at SEADERM, please fill out the form specifying the subject of your request.

Can I use SEADERM products while I’m pregnant?

There is no danger. However, products containing essential oil must be used with precaution. If you have a doubt, do not hesitate to consult your pharmacist.

What is the SEADERM product lifetime ?

It is mentioned on the product.You can see a picture of an opened box with a number in it. It represent the number of month you can use the product after it had been opened. The duration is between 6 and 24 month.

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