Doctor of pharmacy, dermo-cosmetologist and businessman, André Masy launched the brand SEADERM in 2005. Today, products are recognized for their high concentration of marine and vegetal assets.
Natural products from SEADERM are only sold in pharmacy and parapharmacy.

“The outcome of a dream, which finally took shape in 2005 with the launch of my own brand. Pharmacist, specialized in dermo-cosmetology, I have always been attracted by the sea and its richness.

Moreover, I am absolutely convinced that it possesses all what is necessary to the cell activity and to the skin’s health. That’s why all my products are formulated from extremely concentrated marine actives and rare minerals.

From severals years, I ‘ve been committing my self, with all my staff, to formulate natural products, whith proven effectiveness, scrupulously tested under dermatological control indoor so that all the family can benefit from it.

Our scientific team mobilizes itself, day after day, to elaborate secure products responding to the quality and excellence demanded. We make sure to offer you unrealized products that will bring to your skin all the beneficial effects it needs to stay healthy and glowing.

Thanks to the alliance of our exigencies and of the intense research, SEADERM has become an inconvertible brand, number ONE on the marine dermo-cosmetology market. Our products, which have creamy and light texture, exquisite and delicate fragrances, are the new pleasure gesture of millions of women and men across the world, already convinced by the SEADERM’s benefits.”

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