Face Range

The Pulpacific™ Complex

With marine assets from the Pacific Ocean.

Very rich in marine assets, tensor complex with vegetal proteins and blue-green algaes gives the skin the toning affect of a true youth care. The marine camomile, that has repulping properties myo-relaxant, fights in a visible way the skin’s ageing, stimulating the collagen production.
The Pelvetia and the Spirulina have an effect on the collagen stimulation and provide a strengthening effect on the skin.

Find this complex in the SEALIFT range.

The HydrAtlantic™ Complex

With marine assets from the Altantic Ocean

From the Atlantic, green seaweeds Codium, brown seaweeds Himanthalia and the marine collagen contained in the complex bring to the skin the comfort of a long term and intense moisturizing. The marine spring water rich in oligo-elements remineralize the cells deeply.

Find this complex in the SEAHYDRA range.

Body Range

The Lipo-Liss™ Complex

With sea plants and caffeine extracts.

The marine algae Fucus Vesiculosus extract with draining power, reinforced by the presence of Guarana, a natural spring of caffeine and the moisturizing action of the Laminaria Digitata, brings a sensation of wellness while providing an intense lipolitic action.

Find this complex in the HYDRATIC range.

The IRS™ Complex

With marine assets and phytomarin from the 5 oceans.

The IRS formula is enriched with Shea butter that withholds nutritive and softener beneficial effects, with Madecassoside which has healing properties, and also with laminar alga which has moisturizing virtues like the Laminar Digitata.

Find this complex in the NUTRIFORCE range.

Dermatological Range

The Skin Repair™ Complex

This complex composed of Marine Criste and Madecassoside has a strong anti-inflammatory and appeasing power.

Find this complex in the LIPI-CALM range.

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