1. Marine assets

“The Algae at the heart of our products”

We collect the algae necessary for the production of our products in the archipelago of the island of Ouessant. The archipelago is classified UNESCO biosphere reserve. A site preserved from pollution and that allows to maintain the richness in active and tonifying assets of the algae.

In order to preserve its growth, its harvest is achieved manually from May to October after which the essential steps to its preparation can start: the natural drying in the sun, the milling in powder.

The strong concentration in minerals and oligo-elements that it contains confers to the SEADERM’s cares all the moisturizing and remineralizing properties of a balneotherapy to ally beauty and healthiness to your skin.

Laminaria Digitata

Its alginate richness and its remineralizing properties are recognized to treat the third degree burns victims and to give a deep moisturization to the skin.

Fucus Vesiculus

Seaderm laboratories use the draining properties of this alga to stimulate the metabolism, remineralize and to accelerate weight loss.

Chondrus Crispus

Recognized for its natural exfoliating properties, it contributes to the deep moisturizing of the very dry and sensitive skins.

2. Phytomarin assets


The Madecassoside, highly purified extract(purity of 95 %) of Centella Asiatica, has a proven action on the modulation of the inflammation. The decrease of the number of ligands pro inflammatory released by keratinocytes combined with the decrease of their sensibility with the inflammatory stress prevents and reduces the drifts auto-maintained by the inflammation and their consequences on the hyperproliferation of keratinocyte.

Marine Criste

The Marine Criste restores the natural power of protection of the skin, stimulates the production of ceramides III and VI, constituents of the intercellular cement. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-radical and retinoid-like action helps to obtain a regulation of the desquamation shedding and a better cellular differentiation.

The combination of the Marine Criste and Madecassoside give to the unique formulation of the Restructuring Creme and to the Restructuring Emulsion an exceptional healing and soothing power.

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