The Dead Sea: a worldwide unique reserve.

Situated 1300 feet under the sea, the Dead Sea is a world wide unique site. The combination of natural elements, the climate, the air, the water, the sunshine, the sediments or mud, the sulfurous marine springs make it the ideal place for its therapeutic virtues. There, dermatosis can be treat or strongly improved such as psoriasis, the atopic dermatitis, or the vitiligo. The patient ailing rheumatic or respiratory disease see their pathology improve during the course of treatment of the Dead Sea.

The solar radiation

The noxious effect of the UVB is weakened because of its geographical localization , indeed it is at a low altitude and there is a protection of the air due to its saturation with micro droplets of Dead sea water.This natural filtration of the ultraviolet radiations is due to the intense evaporation of the sea water. The high and constant temperature oscillates between 20°C and more than 30°C in summer. We can therefore take advantage of the beneficial effects the sun has to offer for a longer time with less risks.The UVs are recognized as a treatment against psoriasis.

The Sulphur

The sulphurous marine springs are popular for their benefic effects against rheumatisms and osteoarthritis. The high saline concentration allows any immersed body to float therefore decreasing the pressure on the articulations and permitting and easy physiotherapy or rehabilitations.

The water

The mineral composition of water from the Dead Sea (33%) is ten times more concentrated and the composition of these salt differs totally from those found in the Atlantic Ocean and those in the Mediterranean Sea: it is much richer in magnesium, potassium, calcium. It also contains brome. This composition has a regulator effect of the superficial stratum of the skin. The cures of the Dead Sea are at least as efficient as classical treatment, and have the advantage of being without any adverse effects. The remissions can last long months after the cure.

The air

The atmospheric pressure is more elevated: it results from the higher oxygene than air intensity at sea level.The heat enhances the constant evaporation of the sea and enriches the air of magnesium and brome. Their relaxing effect helps to reduce the nerve tensions. The air is dry, the rainy season is short. It is also devoid of allergens and of contamination. Those conditions are ideals for asthmatic patients or suffering from obtrusive and chronic bronchopathy.

The clay

The black clay is an homogeneous mix of salts from the Dead Sea and of organic rests (animals and vegetal) in the form of tar. Applied on the skin, it improves and stimulates the blood circulation. It has thermostatic properties and is used for painful articulations. Is is also used as a scrub: it deeply cleans the skin and softens it. It has keratolytic and anti-inflammatory effects useful in case of psoriasis.

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