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Dermo-cosmetic products from SEADERM gathering « the best of the sea for your skin » indeed include seaweeds, minerals and all the benefits of our seas and oceans.

Products provides 3 ranges:

  • Face range:Cleans, moisturizes and protects your face while preserving its youthfulness
  • Body range: Cleans, moisturizes and protects your skin while maintaining its vitality
  • Derma rangefor the most sensitive or problem skin

FACE Range

Our Face Range is caractarized by a high concentration of marine assets. It allows to calm and deeply hydrate your skin while setting down a protective film on it to protect it from the outside aggressions.

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Our Dermatological Range, enriched with minerals and assets from the Dead Sea, reinforce your skin’s protection from the outisde aggressions. It also improve the quality of sensitive skins...

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BODY Range

Our Body Range, highly concentrated with marine assets, provides essentials minerals and oligo-elements to your skin so it can keep its vitality and its best brightness. Your internal beauty exposed on your skin….

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