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Remineralizing Seaweed Concentrate Serum

The sixty oligo-elements contained in a perfect balance in the sea water and the richness in minerals of the Laminaria Digitata brings to the skin the essential energizing elements (magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamins…) and reinforces the vivifying and energizing actions of this concentrate. This product also allows a remineralization of the hair and the nails.

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Soft purifying Shampoo

This shampoo treats the dry and brittle hair and the sensible scalp thanks to its water softener action. Purified, remineralized and moisturized, hairs recover softness, lightness and brightness. Let yourself be seduced by its unctuous texture and its exquisite foam!

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Moisturizing Shower Gel:

This shower gel softly cleans your skin while preserving the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Concentrated in algae and in sea water, it brings essential energizing and remineralizing elements to the skin (oligo-elements, minerals, vitamins, amino acids). Its light fragrance leaves a fresh and toning note on your skin.

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Moisturizing body emulsion

The moisturizing body emulsion provides a non-stop moisturization of the upper epidermis layers of the skin during 24 hours. The Shea butter and the energizing minerals naturally contained in seaweeds, protect, feed and restore the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Its light fragrance leaves a fresh and delicatenote on your skin all day long.

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Relaxing Sea Crystals

The principal active ingredients of this marine Salt brings to the epidermis the fundamental elements of a true rest cure. The Mannitol naturally present in the algae preserves the moisturization of the skin. Lightly perfumed, this bath leaves a fresh and toning smell on your skin. The essential oils of Lavandula, Citrus and Marjoram have a soothing and relaxing action.

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Effervescent tablets

In contact with water, these tablets deliver thousands of relaxing bubbles. This care enriched in oligo-elements does not foam and is none scouring. It leaves your skin silky and regenerated. A wonderful anti-stress care to forget about the tiredness. It releases the tensions and favors the rest and the relaxation.

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