Croc’Celluli serum

Inlaid cellulite? Deep stretch marks? A sole formidably-efficient solution: the Croc’Celluli serum. Conceived to fight the visible signs of cellulite, the Lipo-liss complex based on wrack algae, tones and decongests your skin. You regain a tonic and harmonious figure. Dimples are slimed; the skin is smoother, firmer. Visible slimming efficiency. Crackling foam, non fat, non sticky. Eased application

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Foaming Body scrub

This Foaming body scrub is your best friend when it comes to regain a smooth and satin skin. It eliminates all the dead cells and stimulates the renewal of superior layer of the epidermis.

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Invigorating shower gel

The Invigorating shower gel is ideal for body and hair. The energizing Citrus, Green Tea and Ginger particles turn this care into a must-have. Its unique formula refreshes and tonifies both the body and the spirit.

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Celluli cream Night Intense Draining

The vegetable complex of the Celluli cream with active marine ingredients prevents and actively fights skin unpleasing problems such as cellulite and stretch marks. Massage the areas to treat for several minutes before applying the Celluli-Cream to regain a naiad body. Visible effects right after the first applications!

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Tonifying Marine Breeze

This Marine Breeze – with subtle lemon sent enhanced of spicy green tea and ginger notes – stimulates the senses and tonifies the body and the spirit. The Kelp algae moisturizes and remineralizes the skin. Without alcohol, this breeze will be your best ally to stay fresh and delicately perfumed all over the summer.

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Tonifying Sea Crystals

Tiredness? Stress? Weariness? The Tonifying Sea Crystals will boost your vitality and will make you feel well and relax during and after the bath!

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Exfoliating Soap

The Chondrus Crispus alga particles, combined to a dynamic circular massage, will eliminate the dead cells from your skin. Saner and firmer, it will be better prepared to absorb active ingredients from the cares.

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