Shampoo-mask with clay from the Dead Sea

This shampoo has a purifying and anti-inflammatory action, it calms irritations and permits to fight against dandruffs, scales and sebum excess. This two in one care combines a shampoo with a mask.

Foaming Clay from the Dead Sea

Since Antiquity, North African and some Middle East populations have been using Ghassoul for hair and skin care. This body cleanser - mud from the Dead Sea, green clay and Ghassoul –based- was especially formulated for normal to greasy skins. It smoothly balances the skin, scalp and regulates sebum secretions thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium, the foaming clay from the Dead Sea is use to soothe problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

Bath crystals from the Dead Sea

Bath crystals from the Dead Sea come into force in two different areas. In dermatology, they increase skin defenses owing to their soothing and decongestant action and calms psoriasis and eczema. In rheumatology, their decongestant, relaxing and decompressing effects of the crystals relieve the pains observed in osteoarthritis, rheumatisms with inflammatory attacks and aching muscular syndromes. Enriched in Sea sediments, this mineral bath enjoys a very well-known and used indication in the medical field.

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