The green algae Codium, the brown Himanthalia and the marine collagen contained in this complex will provide to your skin a longtime comfort and moisturization

The spring source water, rich in “oligo-elements”, deeply remineralizes the cells. Your skin is full of vitality!

The “extra tip” from your dermo-cosmetologist SEADERM:

Moisturizing Marine Cream

The texture of this marvelous cream will envelop the face of a fresh and moisturizing sensation. It is also a perfect makeup base and a complete moisturizing treatment. It protects the skin from the outside influences like pollution and UVs (SPF 15).

Multi Moisturizing Serum

The multi-moisturizing serum will boost the suppleness and brightness of your skin. This serum will help giving a radiant and glowing aspect to your skin! To be consumed without any moderation…

Essential Moisturizing Mask

Immediately find a healthy look with this mask. The skin is perfectly and deeply moisturized. It finds instant comfort, softness and suppleness.

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