For thousands of year, the marine source water was naturally filtered through geological layers, this explains the richness in minerals, oligo-elements, iron. This water is preserved from any pollution while it travels all over the geological layer; it respects the natural PH of the skin.

SEADERM products are the best for very sensitive skins because they are saturated in purifying actions, anti-bacterial and exfoliating agents. Enter the SEASOFT world and you will discover fresh and delicate fragrances. Thanks to SEASOFT your skin is deeply remineralized, moisturized and cleaned!

Discover the SEASOFT treatment and put some fun in your everyday facial cleansing routine…

Make-up removing water-micellar solution

This water-micellar solution is particularly adapted to clean the sensitive parts of the face, like eye contour. Make-up remover, tonifying lotion, cleansing… A 3 in 1 product, only one try is sufficient to never forget it !

Cleansing Foam

This fresh water becomes a delicious foam to clean your skin perfectly. This treatment has purifying qualities sallowing you to find that beautiful skin you’ve always dreamt of! A moment of pleasure you can relive every day and every night !

Gentle Glow Exfoliator

Succumb to this gentle glow exfoliator. It will deeply purify and remineralize your skin. No more make-up trace or sebum surplus, your skin is perfectly cleaned. It’s a rebirth for your skin! If you want to extend this moment of pleasure a little bit longer you should add SEAHYDRA or SEASOFT treatments (regarding your skin type).

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